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It is quite interesting to note that there are for every “road” scenario, there is a tyre engineered to serve that scenario. Like to beat the heated roads of intense summers, the summer tyres were brought to the scene. Likewise, to drive seamlessly on winter-struck roads, we now have winter tyres. To meet the needs of the tyre needs of the farmers and alike, the concept of agricultural tyres was conceived. 

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? These tyres are specifically engineered to serve the various areas of agriculture. It’s because they are utilized for a very specific purpose, for agricultural use to be precise, you won’t really find them in just about any other auto-garage store. But don’t let this minor hindrance bother you, as we at Hillam tyres have got you covered. Here, we host a fine collection of agricultural tyres Huddersfield that envelopes every major and minor type coming under the agricultural tyres category.

However, it is more important to thoroughly acquaint you with the notion of agricultural tyres before we give you a glimpse of our enormous collection.

What is Agricultural Tyres?

Agricultural tyres are a special class of tyres developed for agricultural purposes. These tyres are mainly utilized by vehicles such as tractors, harvesters, grain carts, and so on. They are also employed in the equipment used for soil preparation and irrigation. To summarize it all, the farm-based vehicles are the primary users of agricultural tyres. So, agriculture-based industries and farmers form the major crust of the customer-base of agricultural tyres. 

The Hillam Collection of Agricultural Tyres

Just like we said earlier, we at Hillam tyres host an impressive collection of agricultural tyres in which you will most likely find your favourite set of tyres. Don’t believe us? Well then take a look -


Crafted by the genius Bridgestone, VX-TRACTOR is a perfect choice for your tractor. This tyre has an incredibly long wear life which justifies its claim of superior durability. This one also comes with splendid traction capabilities. 

Features -

  • Has astonishing durability providing it with an extended wear life
  • Offers amazing traction, all thanks to its large tread pattern
  • Capable of carrying heavy weight load


VT-COMBINE is your best friend during the harvest season. Another creation of Bridgestone, this one boasts of high durability and splendid traction. It is fairly competent when it comes to supporting immense weight, all thanks to its greater load capacity.

Features -

  • Comes with sturdy casting making it exceptionally durable
  • Its large size allows for low soil compaction
  • Has immense traction potential


Time to bring Michelin to the picture. AGRIBIB by Michelin is just the tyre you need for your tractor. It is widely noted for its highly robust structure and amazing durability. It offers impressive performance even when it has reached its wear limits. 

  • Has a remarkable service life
  • Flaunts a greater value of durability than its counterparts
  • Offers splendid performance even in a weary condition


The ideal tyre for your magnificent harvester. MICHELIN FLOATXBIB’s unique rubber compound provides it with a higher speed index and a fine load potential. It offers substantial comfort to the drivers during the harvesting run. 

Features -

  • Comes with an inventive tread pattern, specially crafted by Michelin
  • Engineered via Michelin Ultraflex Technology providing it with good speed index and great load capacity
  • Has a special rubber compound which substantially decreases the heat-build up

Buy Tyres From Hillam

Well, it is not easy to carry around such big, heavy tyres all by yourself. Then how we deliver these tyres to your house? Sounds convenient right? All you need to do is follow the steps listed below -

  1. Reach the tyre finder tool located at the top of the page
  2. Fill in the necessary details regarding your registration number and your tyre preference
  3. Pick your favourite from the given list
  4. Proceed to checkout

Just 4 simple steps and you get your agricultural tyres delivered right at your doorstep.

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