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Driving a car on a hot and humid day is a very difficult task. Almost every car owner tends to turn on their car’s AC to ensure maximum comfort and get cool air despite of hot winds outside. However, a lot of times, the air-conditioning starts producing hot air from the AC vents.

In such scenarios, you should be aware of the Air conditioning regas Huddersfield service provided by us, at Hillam tyres.

What is air-conditioning regas?

Air-conditioning re-gas is just like any other service for your car. The difference is other services are performed to ensure your car’s proper functionality but air conditioning re-gas is done to ensure your optimum comfort. There are a variety of reasons for your car’s AC to start producing hot or no air. But the most common reason for hot air to be blown out through the AC vents is the low level of refrigerants in the car. Whenever you feel your AC is taking too long to cool the passenger’s compartment or blowing hot air, ensure to drive your vehicle to us. We will examine the refrigerant level and top it up if needed.

Further, low refrigerant levels also cause substantial damages to the various components of the air conditioning system. It can lead the compressor and condenser of the AC to fail randomly on any given day. The repairs of these components are highly expensive. All this hassle can be avoided with a timely AC regas. Therefore, our experts invite you to get the refrigerant top-up done with us today.

Other than discomfort, you’ll also be exposed to a lack of oxygen in the passenger’s compartment. This can be catastrophic for your health. Hence, AC regas is not only important to maintain high levels of comfort while driving, but it is also required to get a healthy drive as well.

A simple solution to low oxygen levels and discomfort on the road is AC regas.

You can easily be relieved of your car’s AC problems. Just mail us, Hillam Tyres at and book your preferred slot. You can always choose a time slot between 08:30 am to 05:30 pm from Monday to Friday and 08:00 am to 12:00 am on Saturday.

Our team, at Hillam Tyres, is trained to ensure the proper functioning of your car’s AC by providing quality Air Conditioning regas Huddersfield service. We will ensure that you never have to face any discomfort again. To know more, don’t forget to give us a call or visit us. We will be more than happy to help you in solving your concerns.

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