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A car is a dead hunk of metal without the tyres. It’s a fact that everyone agrees to. Tyres are the medium that connects the car with road. If we exclude them from the equation, then we are essentially destroying the mobility of the car. This all is enough to validate the absolutely imperative nature of Car Tyres Huddersfield. However, simply acknowledging the importance of tyres is not enough.

You must equip yourself with the required knowledge pertaining to the region of tyres which involves understanding the various categories and types of tyres and their area of use. Sounds perplexing? Then it’s time we assisted you with this.

We are Hillam Tyres, a prominent garage in the lands of the United Kingdom. We host every major category of tyres that you might require on the road. So, allow us to unveil our tyre collection.

Summer Tyres

Tyres best suited for the areas bathing in the heat of the sun. Summer tyres are your best companion in extreme summers as they have a harder compound that doesn’t wear down in heating temperatures. They are also known for providing exceptional grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

Summer Tyres Hosted by Hillam tyres -


Recipient of numerous awards for its unrivalled summer performance, MICHELIN

PRIMACY 3 is a fine pick if you are going for summer tyres. It offers exceptional wet and dry braking and offers superior durability. 


Its innovative and unique tread structure delivers splendid grip on road. POTENZA RE-71R is more than capable of handling extremely hot temperatures making it a fine choice for intense summers. It is engineered by employing the latest Bridgestone technology making it a high-performance tyre.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are designed to function smoothly during high winters especially when the temperature drops below 7-degree celsius. They are made out of a softer rubber compound which doesn’t get stiff or rigid during the freezing temperatures. This allows to discharge its functions smoothly on the winter-struck roads.

Winter Tyres hosted by Hillam Tyres


MICHELIN Alpin 6 is well-capable of discharging its functions even in a worn-out state, all thanks to its superior design and structure. This remarkable durability also substantially increases its overall life. Plus, it offers exceptional traction and grip on snowy and icy roads.


Blizzak is a prominent series of winter tyres by Bridgestone. It offers reliable handling and noteworthy stopping power on snow and ice. BLIZZAK DM-V2 is engineered via Bite-edge technology that allows amazing traction on snow.

All-Season Tyres

Now we cover the all-season variants of tyres. The construction of these tyres allows them to perform efficiently in both summers and winters. Their compound is neither too hard like summer tyres and nor too soft as in the case of winter tyres. They offer amazing on-road grip and braking performance regardless of the weather. 

All-season tyres hosted by Hillam Tyres

Michelin CrossClimate

The best in the all-season category of Michelin, you surely don’t want to miss out Michelin CrossClimate if you have all-season tyres in mind. It is 3PMSF certified making it an ideal choice for snow and winters. With this, it also delivers reliable braking and grip on wet and dry surfaces, making it suitable for summers. 


This all-season tyre by Bridgestone lays stress on providing fuel-efficiency by offering a considerably low-rolling resistance. It boasts of exceptional durability which also augments its overall life. Being an all-season tyre, EP422 PLUS can function effectively in both summers and winters.

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You can buy any tyre you wish just by sitting at your cosy couch. Convenient, isn’t it?

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