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The movement of a vehicle is a synchronised action of its various components. To ease the actions, these components make up some of the major systems in the car. One of these systems is the transmission system. The transmission system transmits the engine’s powers to all of the wheels; hence, helps in its motion. In the whole equation, the clutch plays an essential role. Any issue with the clutch of the vehicle will result in a substantial loss of power. Our experts, at Hillam Tyres, suggest the customers to get their clutch repair Huddersfield done as soon as any problem occurs. It will not only save you on the fuel but also assist you in saving a significant amount of money on future repairs as well.

What is a clutch?

Clutch in any machine is a pressure plate that engages and disengages two different moving parts. In a car, the clutch plate performs the same function with the engine shaft (drive shaft) and the wheel shaft (driven shaft). Whenever a clutch is engaged, it disengages the two shafts and assists in easy gear change. Further, until the clutch is engaged, a heavy flywheel provides the necessary momentum to the wheels, required for the car's movement. It maintains the speed even when the drive shaft has been disengaged.

Problems with the clutch

Vibrating pedal: As the clutch pedal is in direct contact with the overall system, in case of anymalfunctioning it starts to vibrate disorderly. Random vibrations are a result of a faulty flywheel or wearing of clutch lining.

Hard and soft-pedal: If you find that your clutch pedal is considerably hard to press, it may be in need of little oiling. A hard pedal sometimes is also a result of the damaged release mechanism. Whereas, a spongy or soft-pedal results from the corruption in the hydraulic system of the clutch. Any leak will release the required pressure in the system, and the pedal will remain stuck with the floor of the vehicle.

Gear shift noise: It is often seen that the vehicle makes grinding noise while a motorist shifts the gear. It can be because of the failure in the disengaging mechanism of the clutch. In this case, a clutch is not able to disengage the drive and driven shaft assembly properly at the time of gear change. The overall result is a loud, grinding noise. If you are in such a situation, don't delay any more and drive your vehicle straight to us.

It is never advised to use a vehicle with a damaged clutch. As any problem with the clutch can have a long-lasting effect on the shaft and gear assemblies. Therefore, our experts, at Hillam Tyres, recommend our drivers’ community to get their clutch repair Huddersfield done as soon as an issue arises. To know more feel free to contact us at You can book an appointment with us and get your clutch checked on Monday to Friday 08:30 am – 05:30 pm and Saturday 08:00 am – 12:00 pm.

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