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oil change

Your car is an assembly of individual parts, that works in unison to provide you with various functionalities. These parts might lose their abilities over time due to regular usage. If not checked on time, this may lead to extensive wearing on other parts and reduce their efficiency as well.

To ensure smooth functioning of the engine, oil is used to grease it. This is an extra step taken to ensure that the parts are not subjected to any damages and work without being interrupted. In case it is not checked regularly and is ignored, there is a possibility that you might chip-off different parts of the engine.

To avoid getting stuck in such situations, visit Hillam Tyres and avail our best in class oil and filter replacement Huddersfield service now.

What goes wrong?

When you take your car out for a drive, fuel isn’t the only fluid it needs to run. The engine oil keeps on rotating inside the engine to prevent any friction among its parts.

A few things that might go wrong and hinder the smooth working of your vehicle are mentioned below:

  • The engine oil might mix up with dirt granules and metal shavings and build a tendency to damage the engine. However, the presence of an oil filter helps tackle this situation. In case you rarely put in the care you’re supposed to do, you might have a heavily clogged oil filter.
  • Another possible reason might be due to lack of adequate amount of oil. Without enough oil to grease it, the engine is prone to be damaged.
  • Over usage might result in ‘oil-breakage’, which is basically a phenomenon where the antioxidants in the oil break down, making it inefficient. This is as bad as having no oil, as damaged parts are guaranteed.

How it might affect you

We, at Hillam Tyres, strongly advise you to never stoop down to this if you want your car to have a long life. We’ve listed some of its adverse effects below for you to understand the relevance of oil and filter replacement Huddersfield.

  • In the absence of engine oil, your car is prone to breaking down within minutes of powering-up.
  • Absence of oil might damage and lead to extensive wearing of the engine components.
  • Sludge build-up can prevent smooth functioning and reduce power.
  • In case your car has a small amount of engine oil left, it is as good as nothing. As this might force that small quantity of oil to be pushed in the engine, again and again, before giving it the time to cool down.

Here’s what you can do

A stitch in time saves nine.

Follow this old proverb and you can relax about not losing your car’s abilities anytime soon. Keep the following things in mind to keep your car safe from an ‘oil-outage’.

  • Follow the owner’s manual of your car to know the recommended oil changing schedule of your vehicle. Follow it strictly, and you’ll be safe from all such troubles.
  • Keep an eye on the exhaust smoke. In case you spot some, get your oil checked at the earliest.
  • Look out for the engine-light on the dashboard. In case it is on, you need to visit a service centre at the earliest.

And why go to some other garage when you have experts waiting to cater excellence at Hillam Tyres. Our team of skilful technicians are some of the best professionals you can find in Huddersfield. We guarantee to offer top-notch and efficient services, along with the best in class products. Pricing them at genuine rates is a promise as well.

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