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Fitting your car with an efficient set of tyres according to the terrain and weather is a vital part of ensuring smooth and comfortable rides. Being a car owner, you should know that the tyre industry manufactures three types of seasonal tyres, i.e. summer, winter and all-season tyres. Winter tyres are preferred by people who want efficient gripping and traction on snowy and icy roads.

In case, your region does not experience much cold temperatures and is prone to warmer climates, you should know about summer tyres Huddersfield and their advantages.

What are summer tyres?

Summer tyres are a part of the seasonal tyre category manufactured by various tyre brands. As the name suggests, summer tyres help you and your car to drive comfortably in warm and humid climates. As you know, summers bring along dry and rough roads. In order to tackle these roads, you need a set of tyres that deliver high-speed stability and precise cornering. These kinds of features are mostly found in summer tyres.

Summer tyres are made up of a hard rubber compound that enables them to drive efficiently over rough surfaces. However, buying a wonderful set of summer tyres is a bit of a challenge. Lucky for you, we at Hillam tyres host a fantastic set of winter tyres for your car, SUV and crossovers.

Being aware of the summer tyres is not always enough. Therefore, we present before you our catalogue of summer tyres that you can get delivered from us (depending upon availability).

Some major summer tyres offered by us:

Bridgestone Potenza S007

Potenza series by Bridgestone is a wonderful collection of summer tyres. If you own a high-performance vehicle with superior demands from the tyre, Potenza S007 will suit it best. This is because other than performing effectively on dry terrains, Potenza also performs brilliantly on wet and slippery surfaces.

If you are thinking about buying this amazing tyre, you should become aware of some of its advantages.

Advantages of buying Potenza S007:

  • Enhanced steering response and stability, all thanks to its asymmetric tread design.
  • Out of the world gripping performance on dry and wet roads because of its unyielding-notch ribs.
  • Wide circumferential grooves to help prevent hydroplaning.

Pirelli Cinturato P7

Pirelli Cinturato P7 is everything you need for luxurious driving experiences, especially on highways. Other than ensuring luxurious experience, Cinturato is an ideal tyre for matching your car’s mileage and even enhancing it by putting less stress on the engine. If that’s not enough, imagine driving for certain distances even after punctures. All this happened because of the run-flat tyre technology present in the Cinturato P7.

Intrigued about more features? Why not look at them before making a final decision?

Brilliant features offered by Pirelli Cinturato P7:

  • Optimum safety and handling against potential hydroplaning situations.
  • Compact central block help achieve perfect cornering control and precise steering.
  • Hybrid rubber material to ensure even wearing conditions and save additional tyre maintenance costs.

If you are convinced about buying summer tyres for your car, we at Hillam Tyres will be more than happy to deliver and get them fitted to your car.

Steps to getting your favourite tyre delivered from us:

  1. Enter your car’s registration no. or tyre size on our tyre finder present at the top of the page.
  2. Once you enter these details, you’ll be presented with a list of different tyres and their prices.
  3. We offer next day fitting so just add your desired tyre to the basket and proceed towards checkout.
  4. After adding the tyre to the basket, you’ll be prompted to select your preferred fitting date and time slot.
  5. Input these details and move down below the page to enter your personal details such as name, phone no and address.
  6. Finally, just read all the terms and conditions and check that box.
  7. We provide pay on delivery so just place your order and witness our services at your home.

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