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Usually, the motorists remain confused about which tyres will provide the best fuel efficiency while which will be an excellent fit for traction requirements. To solve this problem, the European Union came up with the concept of labelling the tyres. Later the labels were named as EU labels. We, at Hillam Tyres, know how important it is for a driver to save money on fuel. Therefore, we ensure to sell only labelled tyres. Tyre labelling Huddersfield helps the community of drivers to choose the right set of tyre every time. 

Since 2012, tyres sold in the UK should have a label stuck on their sidewall or tread. This removable label imparts the basic, yet necessary information about the tyres. Numerous variants of tyres are exempted from these conventions.

These variants are:

  • Tyres that were made before 1990
  • Retreaded tyres
  • Sports car and motorcycle tyres
  • Vintage car tyres
  • Spare tyres 

Apart from the mentioned tyres, all other tyre variants should consist of an EU label on their sidewall to be deemed legal for sale. 

There are three primary information that can be deciphered from the EU label:

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy of a tyre depends on various parameters. The main ones are its composition, tread design, and area in contact with the road. Tyre resistance is the key factor that decides the overall fuel economy of the tyres. EU tyre label rates a tyre on a scale of A to G. Rated A tyres are highly fuel-efficient. While if a tyre is rated G, it will provide high traction, and hence will have reduced fuel economy.

Wet grip performance

Road grip is essential for tyres. It decides the safety of a vehicle and the driver in it. Braking gets extremely difficult on wet roads. Therefore, the EU came up with the parameters to decide the wet grip of the tyres. Accordingly, the tyres are labelled from A to G. Similar to the fuel efficiency labels, a tyre with A wet grip will offer the highest traction on water-laden roads, while G rated tyres will be the one with the least grip.

Noise Ratings

Comfort becomes crucial when the journey is comparatively a long one. The noise that will be emitted by a tyre will depend on the wave symbol present on the labels. The lesser the number of waves on the label, the lesser will be the emitted noise. A tyre with the least noise rating will result in a fresh disposition of a driver. Further, it will lead to a decrease in the accidents happening on the roads due to a mistake committed by a lethargic driver.

Tyre labelling Huddersfieldis crucial; therefore, we, at Hillam Tyres, only sell tyres that have EU labels on them. In the case you are looking to buy new tyres for your car, you can do it online with us in some simple steps given below: 

  1. Scroll-up to the tyre finder tool at the top. 
  2. Fill in the registration number or sort the tyres according to the desired tyre specifications. 
  3. Select the brand of tyre. 
  4. Proceed to fill the form and check out by completing the payment.

Your purchased tyres will reach you in a matter of a few days via mailing services.

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