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If you want to drive efficiently with your car on the road, you should never ignore its routine maintenance and servicing. Car servicing involves a lot of aspects like engine, clutch, gear, exhaust and lots more. All of these helps the car owners to achieve desired standards and performance from their cars. However, a lot of these people forget about properly maintaining their tyres. Adequate air-pressure and even wearing are some important elements of maintaining an efficient set of tyres.

Our team at Hillam tyres is committed to providing excellence and satisfaction to all of our customers. Therefore, we present before you one of our brilliant service- tyre pressure check.

What is ‘tyre pressure check’?

Tyre pressure check Huddersfield is a part of tyre maintenance service. It involves inspecting your vehicle’s tyres for adequate air-pressure and inflating them to proper pressure if found less than required. Our experts at Hillam tyres perform this maintenance check by removing the cap on your tyre’s valve and pressing the open end of the pressure-check machine on your tyre’s valve. The number visible on the red line is counted as the current air pressure in your tyres.

Driving a car with inadequately filled tyres can be catastrophic. However, you must ask yourself a basic question. What is the reason for my tyres to lose air pressure?

How did my tyres lose air pressure?

  • Tyre age is one of the major reason for your tyres to lose air as they no longer remain strong as they used to be.
  • Another reason for your tyre to lose air is a puncture. If your tyres hit any foreign substance present on the road, it can create holes in your tyre’s tube and loose air.
  • Improper functioning of the tyre valve is another reason for the air to escape slowly from the tube.

Being a car owner, you should not ignore a need for tyre pressure check and inflate it adequately. This is because driving with inadequately filled tyres has its own demerits.

Disadvantages of driving a car with inadequately filled tyres

Balance and stability: Your car’s stability and balance are interconnected to your tyres. If your tyres are low on pressure, your vehicle is likely to skid and lose balance, especially over wet and slippery surfaces. 

Increased fuel consumption: Although a part of your car’s mileage is linked to the stress put on your engine, your tyres can also decrease your mileage because of low air pressure. This is because, your car’s engine will have to provide your vehicle with more power if your tyres become heavy. Heavy tyres count to increasing your engine’s stress and in turn, consume more fuel. This can add to some extra expenses as well.

Increased maintenance: Inadequately filled tyres is a major reason for the premature wearing of the tread. This premature wearing can cause you to spend some extra money on maintenance and even a replacement in worst-case scenarios.

An Easy Solution to check your tyre pressure

We at Hillam tyres will be more than happy to assist you with filling your tyres with appropriate pressure. For more details and appointment slots, mail to us at hillamtyres@hotmail.com. We are present and ready to serve you from Monday to Friday between 08:30am to 05:30pm. In case, you decide to visit us on Saturday, we are available between 08:00 am to 12:00am.

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